Teresa Cacho is a multidisciplinary artist working on drawings, oil paintings, film, photography, installations, computational visualizations, and mixed techniques. She is a storyteller focused on portraying New York City people and their surrounding landscapes, capturing their emotions and essences.

Her process begins with a chosen subject put through variations achieved with different techniques, allowing it to shift away from its initial concept and acquire a new identity. She decontextualizes her subject to reconstruct it with a set of applied rules.

Teresa Cacho currently produces art and digital art at a commercial level. She received her M.F.A. from the Complutense University of Madrid and spends most of her time at her East Village Studio in New York City. Some of her relevant installation works are 'Oligarch Cub' in Brooklyn in 2016, 'Sukkahville' art installation in Toronto in 2012, and 'Divine Line' at Inrivers art Gallery (Brooklyn). She is a founding member of the art collective Vainica Project and has been included in solo and group exhibitions at Aronson Gallery (N.Y.C.), Fowler Studios (Brooklyn), The Roommate Hotel (N.Y.C.), Mel Lastman (Toronto). Her former experience includes working for several New York architecture and fabrication studios, where she acquired her experience as a project manager and architectural elements fabricator; skills she incorporates into her processes and creations.


2022 'Walking On Clear Water,' Solo exhibition at Strong Rope Brewery, Red Hook, Brooklyn.

2019 ASAI (American Association of Architectural Illustrations) Award of Excellence for Illustration of 345 Park Avenue South N.Y.C.

2012 Finalist + Second Prize, Sukkahville design competition, Toronto

2011 Deans Grant, Parsons New School

2011 Individual Lighting exhibition @ Roommate Hotel

2011 Collective exhibition, DIVINE LINEz, INRIVERS, Brooklyn

2010 Collective exhibition, Engine 212: Aronson Gallery, 66 5th Ave. NY

2010 Collective exhibition, S.C.E. Parsons. 25 E 13th St. NY

2010 Performance @ Alphabet Lounge. Nov. 5th, Nyc

2010 Performance @ Rooftop 2nd Ave @ 2nd St. Aug. 8th, Nyc

2010 Show @ Greenpoint Fowler Studios. Aug 15th, Brooklyn

2009 Individual exhibition, Engraving Series, ALIANDA, Valladolid

2009 Individual exhibition, Mural Paintings, ESBER S.A. Bilbao

2008 Second Prize, Painting category, U.C.M., Complutense University of Madrid

2007 Collective exhibition, Science and Nature, Madrid Zoo

2007 Selected exhibition, Graphic work competition U.C.M. Complutense University of Madrid

2006 Second Prize, Landscape Painting competition, Valladolid


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